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Shane Horsburgh (Associate Consultant)


Key skills and qualifications

  • Cert in Train Small Groups
  • Adv Dip in Sec & Risk
  • Adv Dip in Business Management
  • Cert IV in Small Business Management
  • DiSC® (behavioural diagnostic tool) Administrator, 2011
  • Cert IV in Training & Assessment


S hane Horsburgh is an accomplished public speaker, mentor/coach and corporate facilitator. He spent 17 years in the New South Wales and Australian Federal Police forces, with the last seven as an operative/instructor in special operations.


During this tenure, Shane developed other operatives in high-risk policing tactics including; counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, firearms, roping/rappelling and aircraft assaults. In 2006 he took up a contract with the US Department of Defense as a Training Manager at a police academy in Baghdad, Iraq.

Shane has a strong understanding of team/group dynamics and a deep understanding of the human condition gleaned from both experiential and theoretical knowledge. This knowledge has ensured Shane has become a sought after facilitator and speaker in the following areas:


  • Sustainable Leadership Development
  • Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
  • Emotional Intelligence for Leaders
  • Advanced Communication Skills

His insightful approach to complex ‘people problems’ increases productivity and resilience for individuals at all levels of an organisation, assisting them to better understand human needs to achieve better results.

Some benefits of Shane’s approach to facilitation are:


  • An increase in self-understanding relating to personal leadership style and how it impacts the team
  • An marked increase in an individual's ability to deal with complex workplace relationships
  • An increase in knowledge of emotional intelligence and how to apply it as a leader
  • An increased ability to resolve conflict for the betterment of the organisation, team, leader and individual
  • A greater 'buy-in' from staff which contributes to an increase in discretional effort
  • An improvement in ability to manage expectations through effective communication skills

Shane's passion for the development of people has resulted in the writing of a book entitled "Fighting Blind", released by Allen and Unwin in 2012.


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